Justin Thong

I like guava more than code


Mathematics, Thoughtful Learning and Software

A short tutorial on how to build reactive data applications using a popular framework in R
A javascript tutorial on how to build a hangman game with words from urban-dictionary in 4 hours.
Be observant to the patterns
The heart of Denmark's socialist culture
Increasing the solution space of puzzles
Clear up your language logic
Natural numbers arising in natural patterns


Currently Active Repositories

API Repos

API snippets for integration with services

Open-Source Contributions

Repositories I contribute to

Exercism exercises in JavaScript.
JavaScript 0 0
Exercism exercises in R.
R Shiny App for visualizing NBA Data

R packages

R is my first love. Naturally, I have built some packages.

Proportional Attribution and Allocation Model: PAAM
Particle Filter Package


I code in: